Simon Rose is a TWAT!

I was not going to write anything tonight as I’m feeling gutted, sorry for myself, sorry for the supporters and sorry for my team.

But @thatsimonrose has really angered me, his abuse of my team is unforgivable.

This so called Arsenal supporter has sickened me more than Stoke [continue reading…]


Arsene Wenger blames nobody after Cup loss


Oh What a Night!

I’ve only just come down from my buzz after our 2 – 1 win over Barcelona. The last time I felt this way, was on 26th May 1989 when Michael Thomas scored the last minute winner against Liverpool to win us the league.

This still brings a tear to the eye and warm feeling in my heart. I love you Arsenal!

I've downloaded Arshavin's goal into my head and have pressed loop. It's running all day.
East Lower

This above tweet from @eastlower is just a great quote, love it.

For 19 yrs of my life, iv been wondering why am i on this earth, it was to experience this night!!!!!!!!
Gurleen Kaur

The above tweet from @WonderGunner sums up the depth of feeling I’m sure many gooners felt at the time.


Robin Van Persie BBC interview